In these works, I investigated the possibilities of utilizing electronically generated "audio art" rather than that of live or recorded performance of synthesized electronic sounds. This resulted in a series of "sound sculptures", which combined 3-dimensional objects with electronically produced sounds that are "composed" into the object.

This type of work differs from "electronic music" in several ways. First of all, the sounds are neither performed nor are they created with a MIDI instrument, synthesizer, or in an electronic studio and then (for listening) transferred to some sort of storage media.

They are "hard-wired little sound-robots!"
Secondly, these aural events are not linear in time. Instead, the sounds you hear are created to exist in a "sculptural" or "timeless" format. The composition/sculpting/creation of the work results in the end product -- it is never "performed" -- because it is an ongoing piece that continues from its point of conception until it is either deactivated or destroyed.

However, the various sound sculptures shown in the following pages exhibit this quality in varying degrees. Some, such as the relativity machines, never stop and cannot be changed. Others, such as the Cosmic Cube, are turned on and off and have the capability for human input.

It is my desire to combine these sculptural sound events, which deal with time and space in a nonlinear fashion, with live performance techniques, whichs are inherently linear, in such a way as to give new meaning to both experiences.

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